Payment Account Details


When I try and make a payment to either myself or my partner (most commonly) or to anyone really, I can never see the account details.

I myself have 3 accounts that I use with Monzo - my own, a joint and my Natwest and its near impossible to know which account I need to select - my name appears the same on all 3 accounts, they are the same colour profile pic (with my initials) and most frustratingly when I click on the account to pay - I can never view the account details - so basically I am blind to where my money is coming/going.

It’d be really helpful if you could see the account number and sort code for each contact.

It’s really got me into trouble sometimes when I need to send money instantly.


This would fall under better payee management, which can be voted for here:

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What you need to do is delete 2 enters then go in to the one left, the add the other two account .

Then next time you wish to send money all you do is tap on name and all three accounts are listed

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