Showing account details when paying a frequent or recent payee

Just something I’ve been struggling with really. My wife and I both have a Monzo account, we have a joint Monzo account, and we both have historic accounts with another bank. All our money is paid into the other banks, I then move the bulk of the money into the joint account, from there all the money for bills goes into my Monzo account with a bit extra for expenses and stuff, and my wife gets a sum each week into her Monzo account for all her stuff. The little we leave in the other banks is slowly building up as savings, and we have savings pots in our accounts. What’s left in the joint account is what we can spend on ‘anything else’.

All good so far and we really love how easy Monzo makes almost everything.

However. When I go to make a payment from any of the Monzo accounts to another as I sometimes do I have to manually enter the account details. I don’t want to just select my wife’s name from the frequent or recent accounts as on the next screen it doesn’t show the bank details. I know that I f I just click the names in those lists I can see account numbers, but I don’t know if on the screen after you click to pay someone they are in the exact same order.

It would be so much easier if I could select to pay someone, tap the name and then it confirm the account details.

Also, some banks just show an initial for a first name and then a surname. I frequently transfer money to my parents and my brother, they all have the same first initial, and so their name in ‘frequent’ and ‘recent’ payees shows as ‘M Carter’. Which is also how my other bank account shows because I also have ‘M’ as my first initial. And just to make it a little more complicated my wife’s name is Mandy, so that’s 5 accounts showing as ‘M Carter’.

So the only way I can make sure I pay the right account is to enter the account details every time.

Showing the account details would make things so much easier, but another suggestion is could we edit the payees so we can change the name and add a pic? This would be useful if a payee has a different account name to its trading name, or just to label things as ‘water’, ‘oil’ - I have to buy heating oil and I always get confused seeing this strange name in my statements as I forget who I’ve bought it from (and in Wales the names are often strange!) etc.

So being able to edit payees would make things really easy. Maybe we can then keep a list of people we will pay regularly, or they could be searchable alphabetically in a long list?

Just a couple of ideas to make things easier. Not as fun or interesting as most people’s brilliant ideas I’m afraid, I’m not able to come up with anything like that. I just think this would make something fairly routine a whole lot easier.

Agree on all this. The payment ‘flow’ is not great in all the ways you have highlighted.

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Hello :wave:

Are you aware you can add additional details to the payee screen? If you head to payments and click on the account in questions (say your brother) and hit add bank account.

In the account name you could write something like “Alan’s First Direct” or “Ben’s Barclay Account” rather then the traditional way of having to put the full name in.

As I have 58,000 accounts this helps me distinguish between each - I’ll edit a screenshot to show you how it looks.


Totally agree with this…

My Partner is not with Monzo, so she shows as FIRST LAST and a default Avatar.

I can add her again as a contact including a picture, but can’t link her bank details. And, that creates another contact in iOS which I dont need anyway.

Would be amazing if you could assign a picture to a contact with details, so that you know it’s the right bank details etc.


Ahh ok so I had seen that, but it didn’t make much sense other than to add another account and it do the exact same thing.

To be fair it’s not really obvious and this is more of a work around than how it should be, surely.

As you’ve done it does make it so much easier when you have a ton of payees, especially if the badge just shows the exact same initials for 5 accounts!

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And how come they are ‘linked accounts’? Linked how? That doesn’t make any sense…

Yea that’s kind of it. I wasn’t sure if this was just me having the problem, but obviously not.

This sort of thing is more important than most of the ‘fun’ stuff that the Monzo team are planning, in my opinion anyway. This is good basic account functionality and can be expanded upon in the future.

I have no idea just how easy or complex this would be to implement, but I’d guess it will take a while. It would be great to get it accepted as something that needs to be added and get it on the roadmap so we don’t have to wait too long.

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Oh it’s absolutely a workaround!! You’re right there. I just suggested it as the simplest way to avoid a headache for now. I’m all for a more elegant solutions such as yours.

I think they’re linked because I have merged payees on (a labs beta feature) and tested it a couple of times.

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Are you using an iPhone? Because on Android when you select a person or institute from recent, frequent or all contacts it goes to the list of accounts. Then you either tap on the account you want to send to or tap send and then choose which account.

Ahh ok, so I’ve been tapping ‘pay’ first - which seemed logical, but that helps a little. Except all of them just say ‘M Carter’ for me which isn’t helpful! But it’s half way there.

Would be great to be able to edit the name still, I think that’s probably the solution. Changing the image would be useful too.

Does tapping on a person or institute not show this screen, but just a list of names? Which in your case is the same name repeatedly? If so that is terrible.

No it kind of shows similar to your screenshot, without the pay and request buttons, but under the ‘image’ where you have Transferwise mine say M Carter. So I don’t know which M Carter it is out of 5 of us! I can click them to see the account details, so now instead of entering the details all over again I can just check the account number against a list of their accounts I have written down. Then when I find the right one I can tap the bank account part and enter the amount.

So it’s far from perfect but it does mean I don’t have to enter the account details each time - that will save me time.

Some banks send across the account holders full name, but others don’t. Just so happens that my family chose banks that don’t eh!!

Whilst you can’t edit names yet (silly), you can delete the contact and re-make it manually with a proper name.

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I’ll give that a try, it might be the answer I’m seeking. Thanks :slight_smile:

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