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There is a community forum post I wrote some years ago that I would like removed or masked as it is public. Monzo support told me they can’t do anything and to DM an admin here but I see no option to do that via profiles.

Please can someone get in touch to help.


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You need to ask @AlanDoe

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Well, now everyone is going to go look at that post.

Edit: and, disappointingly, it’s nothing exciting.


Is it the Vicenza one :confused:.

I’d like to assume it had already been deleted.

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All Discourse communities have an ‘About’ page which lists the admins. Tap the profile of an admin and then tap message.

Is the delete button not available on posts that old or something?

There doesn’t appear to be any option to delete my account or post. I was told my data would be deleted within 30 days by Monzo support but it didn’t happen so I have decided to reach out here instead.
Thanks for your help all.

When you tap on the 3 dots under the post do you not get a trash can icon?

Monzo support have nothing to do with the forum

Fair enough. Because the Monzo App makes reference to the community forum it was an assumption they were somewhat aligned.

The trash icon says I need to message an admin with justification of post deletion which I have now done.

Likely because of your low trust level. I can delete my posts instantly without needing to justify it.

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I don’t really understand why it mattered anyway? You asked a simple question and it’s not attached to your real name.

It’s not like you were abusive with your real name and it’s causing problems.

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Can you edit the comment or does the trust level not allow?

I’ve replied to you now @anon4054259 :pray:

I’ll close this Topic in the meantime as you lovely people have already directed the OP my direction :blush: