A very unusual situation for a flight refund

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Back in August I have purchased a flight for myself and another person using a Monzo card. I have since closed the Monzo account in question as I switched to another bank. Eventually I re-opened a Monzo account again and the original account that was now with RBS has been switched to first direct in January of this year and still is with first direct. The flight in question has been cancelled and I was advised the refund will be processed to the original payment method. Of course I now don’t have the original Monzo account but not only that it has gone through the switch process twice. What will happen to the refund when it’s processed?

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If you used the switch process each time you moved banks, in theory it should just bounce through each account ORIGINAL MONZO > RBS > NEW MONZO.

Might be one to double check in app chat with Monzo though. Worst case I imagine it will just get returned back to the sender.

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It went Monzo -> RBS -> First Direct, I have opened a completely new Monzo account. Thanks tor the info though, I am asking if the refund is possible to another bank account but it doesn’t help the fact tickets were purchased via Norwegian Travel Agent.