Refunds on Japanese transactions on two different accounts happened simultaneously

My girlfriend and I fly to Japan tomorrow, and had used our Monzo cards to book a few things, to take advantage of the lack of a non-sterling transaction fee.

In the early hours of this morning (about 1AM, 10AM Japan time IIRC), we both had separate orders refunded.

Unlike other instances I’ve seen we weren’t initially charged twice and (at least according to Monzo) that money has returned to my account.

This concerns me for two reasons, where does that place the orders we’ve made, if we -and not the people we have the orders with- have the money? But also, what does this mean for any other orders we make online, or times we may use our card in person?

I’ve had this happen to me when the merchant hadn’t taken the money from my account in time so it was automatically refunded (5 days? 10 days?).

Best thing to do is use the in app chat with the support team.