Norwegian Airlines and Monzo

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Hope you are all keeping safe. I’m one of the many Monzolians (did I just make that up?) who have had to cancel their holiday due to COVID 19- my flights were cancelled by my airline.

Have any of you had any success with getting refund from Norwegian? I understand they’ll be dealing with a huge number of refunds however it’s currently been weeks since I should have had the money in my account.

I’ve started the chargeback process through Monzo, just wanted to hear of any success stories or if anyone has made any progress with this?

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Same across the board with a lot of airlines and agents unfortunately. I’ve personally had a few flights cancelled and am in the same situation not getting anywhere and have resorted to chargebacks.

(This isn’t Norwegian but…)

I had flights to NY booked in May - 4 flights in total :houses: :flight_departure::flight_arrival::cityscape::flight_departure::flight_arrival: :statue_of_liberty::flight_departure::flight_arrival::cityscape::flight_departure::flight_arrival: :houses:
Over the last 3 weeks, one by one, the flights were cancelled. After the 4th & final flight was cancelled I tried to contact BA. They could re-book or issue a voucher online immediately but if you wanted a refund you had to call a specific number. Tried for a week and there was no chance - the recorded message even said so!

I kept trying and got through last Wednesday. The operator was nice but you could tell this was the thousandth call he’d been dealing with that day. Anyway, full refund processed in 5 mins and he said it would take up to 21 days to be applied. 2 days later, it was refunded to my Credit Card account.

If the airline cancels your flight, you are legally entitled to a re-booking, a voucher or a full refund (but they won’t pay any interest incurred if a credit card has been used)

It’s the full refund part that airlines are making it difficult to get. Hang in there - you’ll get it back :crossed_fingers:


Glad to hear airlines are beginning to refund. News a few ago was that the entire industry had its collective fingers in its ears whilst breaking the law on refunds. Even the regulators didn’t push it, for fear of numerous airlines simply going bust.

BA is probably an outlier though with it being a ‘premium’ airline.

I’m afraid I still don’t understand the chargeback procedure. :slight_smile: how it seems it can be so arbitrary as to whether the merchant has contravened the “rules” .

I have just initiated one with Monzo for my Easyjet flights , the merchant (easyjet ) is refusing to engage whatsoever with their customers ( well in my case anyway) saying we will get back to you within 28 days but if we dont dont contact us again within 90 days , so I contact my co-op banks paid for insurance account, to initiate a claim , at the start of April , no answer in 26 days …again I realise there is a pandemic , but it doesn’t stop the co -op taking my monthly insurance fee …

Easyjet presumably have a legal commitment to refund in a given time , is there anywhere that you can find this time limit …not that I can find … even if there is, without Easyjet complying to this standard …what do you do … you start a chargeback … which was easy through Monzo , but they say we are not sure if it will be successful and could take up to 8 weeks , the merchant may reject or dispute your chargeback …why …I paid for a service , the service was cancelled , I appreciate because of a pandemic , but they have taken my money , and not provided the service , their planes aren’t flying , they have no plans for their planes to fly , so they aren’t going to provide the service , their T and Cs clearly state I am entitled to a refund for a cancelled flight , no ifs no buts … very shoddy Im afraid

It’s 7 days.

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where can you find this ? , lol really it doesnt make any difference if they are ignoring this “legal” commitment and you can’t contact them anyway :slight_smile: they are basically saying …what are you going to do about it … Chargeback …it should then be a clearcut open and shut case here is your money, not 8 weeks or 3 months if they dispute

I’m not in a position to search atm, but moneysaving expert has the details


You will get your money. They are just swamped now. Apparently Ryanair are sending vouchers (after a considerable delay) and if you want cash, you have to then go through the whole rigmarole of getting in touch with them again.

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oh I know I will get my money , one way or another , I have no problem going to small claims court, they weren’t swamped when they took my money and that of all their other customers , they weren’t swamped when they paid out the 175m dividend …just seems they are swamped when they have to give the money back :slight_smile: Its more to do with the amount of time when its such a clear cut case of the service not being provided and their own T and Cs saying Im entitled to a refund, anyway Ive derailed yet another thread :slight_smile: sorry @tomh

I understand. I’ll be in the same boat soon. I have Easyjet flights booked in June. Luckily I paid by credit card, so I’ll have Section 75 as a back up plan. A friend has been offered a voucher for flights anywhere in Europe valid for 12 months by them, so you might come out ahead.

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Here it is;


I have a flight booked for May 29th with and Virgin. I should really get around to getting in touch but I just know they’ll be totally swamped at the moment.

You look odd without that Monzo logo next to your face.


Whichever company you’re booked to travel with, it’s going to be difficult to get cash back at the moment. I spend a lot of time between London and Vienna meaning I have quite a few bookings that have either passed or are coming up that I need refunds for. Whilst I could take vouchers, personal circumstances mean that it’s more sensible for me to take cash.

I was actually contacted by Which a few days ago so that they could hear my story and use the evidence to push the industry to get their act together. I was included in their press release, and ended up on Radio 4’s Today programme :sweat_smile: ITV even wanted to interview me hanging out the front window of my home but that fell through.

I’ve had a few refunds so far so I guess it’s worth me sharing my experience and a few tips in case it helps others.

British Airways
I had a total of 3 bookings plus my partner had one. I applied for a refund for one online early on, the second I managed to force the website to accept my refund request by disabling javascript, then for the third I wasn’t able to apply for a refund online at all so tried to call with no success.

The line would play an automated message and then hang up! It wouldn’t even let you join a queue. After over a month with no cash back for any bookings I did manage to speak to someone on the phone and they refunded all four bookings. We’ve had cash back in our accounts for three of these, but for some reason one didn’t turn up. I still need to chase that one up.

The only way to get a refund from BA is to call so keep trying.

Don’t bother with the social media team, they’ll reply to you asking you to DM them and then once they have the info from you they won’t reply!

It took them an eternity to cancel my flight back from Amsterdam which I should actually be on right now instead of being here typing this. They’ve been easier to deal with as they have a webpage where you can request a refund:
Problem with easyJet is that they say allow 28 days for a refund but don’t contact them before 90 days have passed!! As others have said in this thread they don’t seem to be paying up.

Eurostar is an odd one. They’re pushing everyone to vouchers, but you CAN get a cash refund if your train is cancelled (EC1371/2007).
The day before departure check if your train is running at then if it’s cancelled, 24 hours after scheduled departure time you can fill in this form: BUT when I tried to submit the form this morning it’s currently broken and won’t process. This might be fixed in the next day or so, if not you can email

Generally speaking the most important thing to do is to make sure you don’t request a refund until your travel has been cancelled. That’s the point a refund switches from being a goodwill gesture to a legal requirement otherwise you could find your cash refund ends up being vouchers. I also imagine you’ll be more likely to win a chargeback/S75 dispute once your travel has been cancelled.

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Well it was probably more strain than the window was used to…

…oh I see


Banks will be making a fortune with the £15 chargeback fee to the merchant, especially monzo as they’ve automated most of the process.

Afaik there’s still a fair bit of work required from our disputes team, it’s just the initial contact which is now automated :pray:t3:

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Would you say Monzo makes money on chargeback or not?
Once you add in wages etc.