6 digit confirmation code

Hello, please I need urgent help.
I purchased an item from Terrence and I got an email from them today asking that I provide the 6 digit confirmation code I used in making the purchase…, I can’t remember using any six digits… I used my 4 digit pin. And they said they won’t go ahead with dispatching my item till I provide it.

You will need to contact Monzo using the in-app support feature.

You do this by tapping the ‘?’ on the bottom right of the screen, putting “contact” in the text box, tapping the ‘Contacting support’ article and then the ‘chat with us’ link in the article.

If you share the screenshot you’ve posted with them in the chat, they should be able to see what you’re asking for and advise you.

(We’re just customers here on the community, so cannot answer specific questions about your account ourselves.)

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This is very weird, I have never seen such an email. The odd capitalisation and the changes in font also have me concerned but if it’s a genuine email Monzo support is your best call

I sure as hell wouldn’t be ordering from a place like this as it’s such a faff


I think what you need to ask monzo for is the transaction Auth code, that is a 6 digit code, seems like a faff, but actually a unique way to ensure its the cardholder and not someone using stolen card details.

In well over a decade of building and maintaining websites I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s certainly odd but it all reads ok and stuff. Just proceed with caution would be my advice, especially if they follow up asking for further detail.


While you are waiting for Monzo to reply, if you look at the transaction in your feed, is there a six digit number there? If not, then try downloading a csv file and look there.

I had exactly this once when buying some commercial kitchen equipment using American Express. The merchant wanted me to provide the auth code to prove that the order was genuine.

I called AmEx customer services and asked for the auth code for the transaction. They said that they don’t give auth codes to cardholders and asked why I wanted it. I passed on the request from the merchant.

They called the merchant and explained to them that they can’t do this, and if they wanted to continue accepting American Express then they would stop asking customers for auth codes. The order went through with no more hassle.