How to find the 6-digit approval/authorization code?

I use Monzo to place an order on SSENSE. And I was automatically charged a small fee to confirm the security of the transfer. At the same time, I received an email from the website asking me to provide the exact amount (including currency of it) and the six-digit 6-digit approval/authorization code associated with this transaction. I can see the amount from the activity of Monzo App. But I have no clue about the six-digit authorization code. May I ask where I can find the authorization code for the relevant transaction.

You’ll need to ask the merchant.

This sounds a bit dodgy to me.

Be very wary and only proceed if you are certain that it is safe to do so…

However, this does sound very similar to how PayPal ask you to validate your details when adding your bank account (via Direct Debit).
If you are sure this is safe, then you should see the code as part of the Transaction information at the very bottom of page when viewing the transaction details.

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Some scams online use this process to authorise your card on someone’s Google pay or Apple Pay.

I’d be freezing my card and asking monzo to confirm that’s not the case and there’s no new Apple or Google pay tokens added.

One to be using a virtual card with I think.