4pm rush

I know things usually slow down at 4pm because everybody is getting paid early at the same time, but I’ve never seen the app just stop working before.

Can’t make payments, add/remove from pots etc. everything just timing out. Is this a common thing?

Probably the biggest early pay-day of the year.

I’ve just sent a payment and taken out of pots just fine.


Mines not able to refresh balances

First time I’ve seen this


My feeds aren’t even loading at the moment. Just endless spinning and eventually an error message. Payments failing to send too.

I get it’s probably the busiest day of the year but not a great look.

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Is this because @brandonskerritt is on holiday and nobody is looking after his continuous thingy wotsit?

But all payments due tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are being claimed early today. Massive strain. Give it time and it’ll sort itself out


So glad I got paid today but could get at 4pm yesterday.

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I’ve just made a payment, got immediately refunded, notifications appeared but theyre not in my feed.

The shop insists it went thru ok so hopefully free wine.


The get paid early graphic for peak periods has been around for a while now. You just don’t see it often.

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This is my first Christmas at my longstanding providers of gainful employment since they moved us from the 27th to the 15th, so at least I get to miss out on this

How is it looking now for people?

I’m able to do what I need to, it’s running fast enough too. Just one of them things where everyone wants that cash early.

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The status page is being less than helpful:

Everything individually works but have fallen out and decided not to work together any more?


Alas you are probably not too far off the money there what with all the microservices communicating across the mesh

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Just had notifications that my payments are ready to be claimed. That’s not going to help the situation

Status page has changed to monitoring

That’s not going to help the situation

Reminded a little of an article I once read several years ago - I cannot find the link now - of how the third rail power supply for the Brighton to London railway was getting so overwhelmed by the morning rush hour that someone had to regularly place a wooden board against the trip switch and lean against it. Cripes!


Cries in December 31 payday


The banners have gone from the app, spinning circle has gone. Looks like it’s getting there. The 2 payments I’ve claimed still aren’t through but I guess that will be the last thing

Funny enough I’ve got to write about elasticity and scalability of cloud services tonight for an assignment.

Edit: 1 payment received
Another edit: and there’s the second


This is what happens when you expose a bottleneck to your customers and give them all a big fat press to congest button at the same time.