£4k pot inaccessible with test UI (Partner still has access)

My partner added some house money to a pot in our joint account, and my feed just shows gobbledegook, and a pot I can’t access. image

I have the new UI and he doesn’t, and he can access both the pot, the money and see what the pot is called etc. Customer support don’t seem to be able to help and have gone silent… what can I do?

So the pot isn’t “lost”, seeing as your partner can see and access it.

I suspect it’s an issue with the new navigation layout.

Ask them to revert you back to the old design. The money won’t be lost in the background, it just your interaction with it through the app seems compromised through the new UI.

It doesn’t sound like the pot is ‘lost’ at all.

To be fair, the new UI came with a health warning that things may break which is what sounds to have happened here. It also came with a warning that COps didn’t support it.

Your options are either to get onto COps and go back to the old UI or trust your partner to manage that pot for the moment.


My concern is that CS looked into it and said “I can see the pot has been deleted, let me know if I can help with anything else”… which it hasn’t.

And what did they say when you told them that?

Did they know you were on the new UI?

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t be contacting CS about it, as there is a post regarding bugs etc, if ur partner can see it it is purely down to the testing you possibly signed up too.

Forum post here 1000+ comments :wink:

Nothing, I’ve had no reply for over an hour.

Ask to get switched back to the old UI

Hi @anon61713273,

Did you sign up to the Beta yourself, or were you automatically put on it by Monzo (I’m assuming this would only happen if you were a brand new customer, I don’t believe Monzo have moved any old customers over to the new UI yet… Could be wrong though).

I don’t think Monzo are putting new customers on the new UI as all bugs haven’t been fixed - (I could be wrong if they have recently said otherwise)

I believe 10% of new customers are being put on the new UI (this was discussed in the other thread) :slight_smile:


No I’m an Alpha user, definitely not a new user. I asked to be put on it but I informed CS of this when I opened the conversation, my concern is that they seem to think the pot has been deleted and I’ve stopped receiving replies from them.


If you are concerned, I’d ask your partner to withdraw 100% of the Pot into the joint account balance, and then see if Monzo fix the issue.

There are a ton of bugs with this new UI, and as it’s been pointed out, us forum users are already more “up to speed” than the COps are, so they won’t be able to help.

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Sorry but saying ‘You shouldn’t be contacting CS about it’ is a pointlessly inflammatory and condescending comment. Monzo has a very large percentage of users who do not use this forum, so their first port of call when experiencing an issue is to contact Customer Service, regardless of whatever version of software they’re using.


Laura, Nick is only trying to say that only people on the forum being existing customers would have signed up by the form knowing the bugs and issues for beta version. We were told not to contact customer services unless we wanted to revert back to old design. Yes normal queries through customer services.


If you’d read the initial piece from Bruno (I think), he specifically asked for new beta users to not contact CS - That’s not us telling you not to, it’s Monzo saying “if you want to try out this new UI, don’t contact CS with all the bugs etc”.

Ultimately, signing up to this new UI came with risks of bugs and what not… It was very clearly explained at the start.

As I said before, If I were you, I would ask my partner to withdraw the money from the Pot into the main balance… Problem solved for now.