Pot has disappeared

Help - i have a pot in my joint account that completely disappeared this afternoon.

It has several thousand in it for our wedding and i can’t get a response from support!

Any ideas?

Sounds like a new bug, some people have just reported similar here:

I’d try not to worry, your money will be safe and I’m sure Monzo will be looking into it right now to fix.

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Mine have disappeared too, I couldn’t put fuel into my car! Apparently it’s a bug but we don’t know anything about it yet.

This has happened to my joint account too!! Please Monzo send us some info and fix

Okay good to know it’s not just me.

If anyone is wondering i can confirm:

-This is a Shawbrook pot
-This has only affected the joint account
-Both me and the other account holder cannot see it
-I have a standard pot with Monzo in the joint account that is still there

I have since discovered I can still access the pot for top ups and withdrawals by clicking on a previous transaction into the pot.


the solution appears to be a delete and reinstall the app

Delete the app, and reinstall. It’s likely a display bug.

It’s has returned! Thanks all.