3 Hours for Chat Support

Dunno :man_shrugging: I don’t think they gave a reason for closing paid referrals did they?

I got told a 10 hour wait the other day. Ended up waiting four. It’s not good enough really.

Monzo know this is the worst part of their provision and what might cause them to loose things like which ratings, so I wonder what they have planned to fix this???

Not only losing Which? ratings, but customers.

Is there any link from this forum to Management, or do we just talk endlessly amongst ourselves, to little or no effect? If there is a relationship, is it informal or formal - say a weekly meeting/discussion or something, or just as and when?

So after 6ish hours I finally got a response from support, and the issue is sorted.

Still leaves the question of waiting times open to discussion.

What would be your solution be?

They need to double or triple their customer support staff. But doing so would tank their cost per customer number that they had before they previously already tried to increase support.

Surely 6 hours is fine for non-urgent stuff? If I contact HSBC or MetroBank via the messaging facility they take several days to respond. The issue really is response times to urgent queries, these need to be ASAP.


this sounds very similar to me. Raised on Friday and escalated, they replied Saturday in the app to tell me it was escalated. Then Sunday morning to tell me they’d missed updates as it was in the specialists queue. Now it’s Tuesday afternoon and I’ve had no updates since Sunday morning!!!

Is it? wasn’t aware of that actually.

Good reason if so, should probably have put that in the thread where they announced it :laughing:

They did

We’re very conscious that we want to grow in a controlled manner (especially so we can focus on making customer support and our product as high quality as possible)