3 debit card purchases made yesterday repeat today randomly

I made 3 small debit card transactions (£10 - £20) yesterday evening at large retailers - 2 supermarkets and a large homeware store. No petrol.

This morning at around 1130 am I get notifications for 3 transactions at the same retailers, 2 of them the exact same amount and the 3rd a different larger refund amount about (not exact) 3x the original amount from yesterday.

I’ve frozen the card and am waiting for someone to get back to me on chat but in the meantime any idea what might be happening?

As far as I can tell, the transactions appear to complete (not pending) and they’ve gone from the balance.

Have the original three gone/refunded? Did you get notifications at the time?

If you scroll to the very bottom of the transaction it will say if they are pending or not.

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Yes did get notifications yesterday. They’re still showing under yesterday’s transactions.

Looked through whatever I can see on the app for the transactions, not pending as far as I can tell.

This is where it will say if it’s pending

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Thanks. Not pending, just has the address.

Freezing your card doesn’t stop refunds coming, nor does it stop a merchant taking a payment you’ve previously authorised.

What did they say when you contact them? (The retailers).

Contact the supermarkets? I didn’t do that. These are all 3 different large national chains (Tesco Aldi B&M types), there’s no way all three have recharged a transaction at the exact same time.

Still waiting for Monzo chat to figure out what’s happened here. The lady who picked up the ticket didn’t realise that it was 3 different supermarkets.

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