‘3 days from now..’

Is it showing due Monday then? Or due Tuesday? (I.e greyed out in the feed)

No wonder support are swamped :see_no_evil:

I’ve got the same message. 3 days from now. Nowhere does it say that I can claim it early so I don’t understand where all the confusion is coming from?


Presumably that for the last however many months it only shows on the previous working day as pending…

True but the app isn’t saying you can collect it today. It says due in 3 days from now. And paid early has always been 4pm the day before.

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It really baffles me :man_shrugging:


When locked pots put too much strain on customer services they pulled it.

If this continues I can see the same happening with pay early. Good job they recently added the disclaimer that it can be taken away at any time but sad for those who found it useful from time to time.


My thoughts exactly. If it is going to cause unnecessary contact then they should pull it. I waited almost 24 hours the other day for a response to a query that I couldn’t resolve with self help so they are clearly overwhelmed whilst operating with less staff.

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The only reason people are contacting them, is because the payment is showing as pending when it shouldn’t be. I wouldn’t contact support, but I may have done in the first month of having the account. The fault isn’t with the customer, but of course it always is apparently…

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The payment is showing as pending for the day that it’s due to be paid (from what everyone’s said).

The pending statement is therefore accurate and true.

Contacting support to say “My Tuesday payment is showing as pending for Tuesday” doesn’t make sense to me.


Nobody is blaming the customer. Trust what the app is saying. Due in 3 days. Then the day before it’ll say collect early at 4pm.

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It’s accurate but it wasn’t a feature as of one month ago, it always showed the previous working day

Is it intentional? If so giving notice to customers would have probably avoided anyone contacting support. If it’s a bug then people contacting support is unsurprising…

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But the point is, is that it’s an anomaly and curiosity peaks.

Enough to contact support? Wow! We obviously have very different thresholds for what provokes contact with a bank!

I’ve contacted support once and that was only because my Mortgage payment wasn’t made on time.


And another reason why chat is hard to find!


As I say, I wouldn’t contact support but if I’d had the account for a few weeks and had never used the paid early feature one may well be a little perplexed (if there’s no relevant self help articles)

It really is simple, if the account now shows the pending payment earlier than one working day before (when you can’t claim it) then fine, but this should be cascaded to customers. If it’s a bug it’s a bug…

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Not intentionally snarky but if that’s the way you read it I can’t comment. I’m just surprised that support is thought an option when an accurate message is displayed at an unexpected time.

If my money is all where I expect it to be I tend to accept everything else. :man_shrugging:

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Folks let’s keep it civil, we are allowed to have different opinions. This isn’t Twitter where you are only allowed 1 view.

There technically might be a bug as such. But the information is correct so I don’t know why it is causing so many issues. The app is telling me something I know. I’m due to get paid in 3 days. I’ve paid on the last working day for the last 10 years.

The display of debits showing as ‘3 days from now’ is a known bug as @Revels informed. It started happening at the end of last week and Monzo is reviewing it;

It’s only a display bug though. Get paid early will still work - at 4pm on Monday.


as above, iv noticed for a few days now that DDs and other payments in can show after midnight. but this has always not been displayed until about 9am normally.

nice to see info early, but as others has said its only telling you the correct info, just earlier than normal.


Just letting you know, I got my DWP payment now. Don’t know what’s going on and still no answer from the chat

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