2nd Account Ability and Monzo App Web-page access

I wish Monzo would provide the following so I could use them as my main bank account:

(1) Replicate the Mobile App on a web-page: I still like to back-off my transactions to excel, so I’m in control of my money, but I need to be able to sit down in front of a large screen to do this. Having it in a mobile app doesn’t cut it.

(2) Provide the ability to have two accounts under your Monzo account: I’d like to transfer a set amount of money from my main account to this second account and use it as a pre-paid account. I used to track my spending in detail the benefit of the prepaid was that I just accepted the notifications confirmed I’d spent that money, so didn’t have to worry too much about reconciling.

You can export transaction as a CSV file to work on computer. Just email the CSV file to yourself.

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Or save to Dropbox/Google Drive etc :+1:

Install IFTTT on your phone, link your Monzo account and use the functions in there to autosave every transaction to a Google spreadsheet - easy!

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Steve, many thanks. I’m just looking into that now. Wasn’t aware of this app!
I think it would still be nice to have the 2nd account capability. Also, while the Monzo app shows you balance at the top of the screen it doesn’t show you that next to each transaction (at least not that I can see) ~ I alway’s the bank statement to cross check.

Yeah, there’s definitely no functionality to allow a 2nd account yet - if the community needs it I’m sure it could be built though.

Have you tried https://web.monzo.com - does this give you the web interface you wanted?

As stated above, you can use IFTT and make it update a google sheet with every transaction you make. I use it and it works perfectly.

As for “a second account” I believe that Monzo are working on committed spending pots and pots that you can force certain merchants or transactions to use.

(E.g. have a phone contract with three and a Spotify subscription come out of a dedicated pot, then use your main account balance for general spending)

Iirc you can use IFTTT to do this too.