More than one spending account

I am a full time monzo user and it has really helped shape the way I manage my money. A problem that I’m still facing is that ideally I have 2 accounts that I can spend from to be able to completely automate my finances. I would love one account for expenses- like bills, food, transport etc (the necessities) and one account for splurging- fun money to be spent on anything I like. The benefit of having 2 accounts that you can spend from is knowing how much I have left in each to use for those purposes. I would love the ability to set up 2 spendings accounts to be used alongside the savings pots for totally streamlined accounting. At this point I see the only option is to keep an account from another establishment, which then means I can’t have one place to capture an overview of all my banking. On that note, also very much looking forward to the creation of business accounts, then monzo really will be a one stop shop!

Hi @Lia don’t believe we will see multiple accounts anytime soon however Monzo are working on a committed spending pot which will allow you to keep funds for direct debits and bills in a pot and have the money taken direct from there


Why not just use a combination of pots and IFTTT.

Stick all your committed spends in a pot every month and use IFTTT to move it back?

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