Multiple accounts holders on the same phone?

My wife’s phone doesn’t support the Monzo app. Is there any way for her to open a separate account using the app on my phone? If not, is it possible to make a joint account using just one phone?

You can log out of the app and let her sign up but it wont be possible to easily switch between two accounts without having to log out/log in

As above it would be a real hassle logging in and out and you’d lose out on taking advantage of all the amazing features that Monzo have. Notifications, managing budgets, pots and all sorts because you’d be passing your phone back and forth to log in and out.

It really negates the need for Monzo if you can’t use the things that make Monzo, Monzo.

You can get smart phones dead cheap now, especially if you go second hand. So I’d personally just upgrade her phone :slight_smile: You’ll probably recoup the outlay with how much better you’ll be managing your finances :wink:


If you both have Monzo, you could get a Joint Account and that would work on the one phone (although you’d have to be logged in to one account) so you’d still miss out slightly as any movements you wanted to make on the other single account you’d have to do the log out log in juggling.

I would recommend grabbing a phone that can support Monzo as that really is the best way to experience everything Monzo has to offer.


You could try creating a new user profile on your phone? That way you could have two separate instances of the app installed, each with their own data.
This is possible on Android.

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