2 question ( Monzo icon images and queue)

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New Monzo user here and I was just wondering where the images that show up next to transactions are pulled from as even purchases from obscure locations seem to have an icon? Do Monzo hand curate them or are they doing something more intelligent from a software perspective?

and second question :
I have obtained a Monzo card through a friend who received two by mistake. Is there a way I can bypass the queue and go straight ahead to top-up/activation? I’m on the Android platform (HTC One M8).

Things I’ve already tried:

Tapping 5 times (and other tricks) as explained in another post.
Swiping with 3 fingers as explained in another post.
Thank you!

  1. They pull them from the company’s Twatter (no, not a typo) account.
  2. I’m pretty sure that’s against Monzo T’s & C’s.

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That second card from your friend will be linked to their account, so giving it to you won’t help you sign up any quicker. You normally top up first, then get sent your own card.

So use a golden ticket from this thread

and enter the email address you’ve already provided into the golden ticket. You’ll jump to the front of the queue, and once you’ve topped-up £100, you’ll be sent your own card.

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Hi Hieu :slight_smile:

The details that you see for each merchant come from several sources. First, Monzo will try to match the information that they get about a transaction against the Foursquare, Google Maps etc. databases to retrieve the rich company details. If that doesn’t work, users can correct the data themselves (there’s a dedicated button on iOS & you can send details to the support team, using the chat tool on Android) :raised_hands:

As you say, once you’ve registered for an account, swiping left with three fingers on the screen that’s showing your place in the queue, is the way to activate your card immediately. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact the support team by emailing help@monzo.com or sending them a DM on Twitter.

To clarify, your friend’s card won’t be linked to their account, unless they linked in themselves & activating the card this way isn’t against the T’s & C’s.

PS - once you have linked your card to the account in the app, it would be great to hear your user number (from your profile) for this -


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Ah cool @alexs. I found that interesting to be corrected. Cheers.

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Can someone explain a golden ticket please

(Alex Sherwood) #7

This blog explains how they work :slight_smile:


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