Already have a card, do I still have to queue?

I have obtained a Monzo card through a friend who received two by mistake. Is there a way I can bypass the queue and go straight ahead to top-up/activation? I’m on the Android platform (HTC One M8).

Things I’ve already tried:

  1. Tapping 5 times (and other tricks) as explained in another post.
  2. Swiping with 3 fingers as explained in another post.

Thank you!

Swiping left with three fingers should do it.

If that doesn’t work I expect you’ll have to contact the support team by emailing

Argh, this was driving me crazy. Turns out the HTC One M8 has a media gesture which is activated by a 3-finger swipe. You have to disable that in order for the swipe on the Monzo app to work!


Thanks. That is useful feedback about the M8 which could help others


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