I know some people haver been asking for TouchID. I doubt I will use it (my transactions are rather boring) but thought I’d test it. Seems it turns itself off.

Open Mondo
Activate touch ID
Force close Mondo, open and use TouchID - Repeat
Open app and go to Profile and TouchID is deselected
App no longer requires TouchID

The ‘when I joined’ and Mondo user number is a nice touch.

Yup, confirming. Mentioned in the iOS 10 thread too.

Also tracking down an issue where the blur doesn’t get applied properly (returns to the “Please unlock the app to continue” scrim with no blur). Can’t really report it formally until I can reproduce it reliably so I’ll throw it out here in case anyone else finds reproduction steps.


Hmmm, that’s interesting…thanks! Paging @james to take a look on Monday :slight_smile:

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The 242 build just released on TestFlight fixes the Touch ID login setting not saving issue. :+1:

Managed to reproduce the no blur issue again but it’s not reliable at all. Super annoying. :anger:

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I have also had the blur issue a couple of times.

out of interest, when TF says ‘edit your personal details in case you moved, changed email or just mistyped your name…’ Can you actually edit them within the app? I’m forced to go over to the chat section to request it is done. Misleading maybe?


Not that I can see (granted, I haven’t disassembled the TestFlight build yet), I get the feeling that it’s still in development. Fair point though, shouldn’t write it in the release notes until it’s working in the build!

Fair point Adam, thanks :slight_smile: I’ll tweak for the App Store release

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