Touch ID help

Hi I am struggling to get the touch ID to work on my Monzo account. I have gone into settings numerous times to enable touch ID however it does not give me the option when log back in. I have also deleted the app and the re-installed.
Could you please help?

Android or Apple ?

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Hi , I assume you mean apple,

There should be two options by touch id, 1 for unlocking the app, and 1 for authorising transfers etc , are you doing the right one?

I don’t have apple but on Android you enable it and then only when you have left the app for a bit does it lock , so maybe enable it , swipe the app open and try again 30 sec later.

HI, yes I do have an apple phone.

I want touch ID for unlocking the app instead of having to put an email address in each time.

I have gone into settings to enable touch ID for unlocking the app ( I have done this 3 times) however when I then go back into open the app the touch ID has been disabled for some reason.

You shouldn’t have to be putting an email in each time,

You don’t need to click logout each time , are you doing that?

You just exit the app.

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Ah thanks for that… It has sorted the problem
:slightly_smiling_face: I was logging out each time

thanks for your help


No prob.

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