[Android/iOS] Security settings not persisting

Hello All,

Does anyone else have the same issue that Touch ID for authentication keeps turning its self off (so you have to put your pin number in).

I’ve had to re-enable it SO many times.


Mines done this in the past after a certain number of failed Touch ID Attempts. At one point I had to contact cops as it completely locked down the feature for me :see_no_evil:.

I’ve also had it sometimes when the app updates. But not randomly.

Does your phone have touch id set as the default lock? Not sure if it might clash if its not your phones default?

It could be after an update on the App…

I’ll check next update.

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Yep I have Touch ID to unlock the phone (not to unlock the Monzo App though)

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Similar thing happening to me now…

Face ID for authentication has randomly switched off a number of times for me.

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Replying to my own thread I made MONTHS ago, but yet again Touch ID has turned itself off again. Sort it out please Monzo



iPhone 7 / iOS 12.1 not saving TouchID Settings

Details to reproduce:

Upgraded to iOS 12.1 (from 12.0) and Monzo app was allowing access without asking for TouchID.

All TouchID related settings were disabled.

Paying around to try to recreate, I’m not sure if this is related or by design but when I exhausted the TouchID authentication attempts and logged and then re-logged in via the magic link. Settings had defaulted to not requiring TouchID to authenticate. (Possibly by design but I’ve not noticed this before).

OS: iOS 12.1
Device: iPhone 7
App Version: 2.22.0 #475


Merged with existing bug report. It also happens when you upgrade the app

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This has happened to me too now also :frowning:

I believe this bug occurred after updating my Monzo app, although I’m not 100%. Regardless, my Monzo app lost my security settings. This meant I no longer required my fingerprint to access the app, nor to act as verification, and Monzo was displayed in my recent apps, which I had disabled previously.

After changing my settings to re-apply my security preferences, they have remained without issue.

Details to reproduce:
I believe this occurred as a result of updating the app (Jan 4th update)

Android OxygenOS 5.0.8

OnePlus 3T

App Version:

Did you uninstall the app before updating?

No, simply updated from the Play Store.

Just weighing in on this one. I’ve witnessed this occurring each time I update the app (iOS 12) and it switched off both of the Touch ID options (authenticate and unlock app).

This and also dismissed in app notification banners reappearing and tutorials renewing when you reinstall the app could realllly use some work. It’s pretty annoying.

The fingerprint to authenticate seems to work now for Android after updates. But I still can’t get rid of the ‘Did you know?’ banners that appear in Summary. Even after swiping to dismiss them. And I don’t get why my account doesn’t remember it’s not my first time using the app after reinstalling it.

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Still happening to me here.

Happens to me after each App upgrade, and after requesting a PIN reminder (I know my PIN, just interested to see a fix). iOS 12.1.4.

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I am also still finding that after viewing my card number it disables Face ID.
It is intermittent - not every time I click to view my card number does it switch off.

I find it switches Face ID off when I get the error message below (see pic) - although if I “ok” the error message I still get to see my card number.

iPhone X
iOS 12.1.4
Monzo 2.37.0

The reports of iOS/Android biometric security settings resetting have been ongoing for a long time now, so I really wish this would be addressed…


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