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Does anyone know what the benefits of the Visa Infinite with the Zing Card?

See also: HSBC Chat

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With that thinking we may as well merge the first direct thread with it too!

Personally, since Zing is its own contained thing, rather than existing with HSBC, it probably warrants having its own thread.


Simply being an Infinite card gets you President status with the car hire companies which in turn gets things like a bigger discount, lots more free miles, cheaper for excess miles, express check-in, free second driver, etc. Similar things on hotels.

The car hire saved me £1000 or so last summer so very worthwhile.

I’d like it to. It’s no different to monese in many ways, with the possible difference that the linkage is slightly closer here.


Anyone know how it works with hotels and timeshares please? Already have a timeshare, but sounds like you may be able to just flash the cards on normal stays (even if not purchased with it). Unsure how it works for this these - relatively niche I suppose?

I don’t think Zing, Transferwise or Revolut cards will work for the visa concierge. The only use of Visa infinite label seem to be generate more swipe fee outside of the UK.

For hotels - I think you just go create an account on https://www.myvisaluxuryhotels.com. Looks like it’s managed by Kiwi collection which is a virtuoso agent.

You are probably getting short end of stick compared with guests booking via hotel chain’s own travel agent programmes, offline FHR/CFHR or semi secret top tier loyalty (like FS Elite).


Yes, but because it’s Infinite, you can likely join the hotel programmes at their top tier as you can with the car hire places.

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It would be more useful if we could top up the other currency wallets with more ways than just converting GBP. The EUR one at least allows for SEPA payments.

Still annoyed that GBP can be topped up with a card from quite literally every country except Panama (Revolut and Wise also blocks them, oh well!)

no you can’t, you also can’t just flash the card at hotels, it offers almost zero benefits, you may be able to google a page to get car hire status and you can use the visa hotels page someone linked above but that’s about it.

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It’s not the Visa Infinite card but it’s a Visa Infinite based debit card, they aren’t the same thing

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You don’t flash the card at car hire places or hotels. What you do is use it to join their premium programmes and that’s what gets you the benefits. As I say, I did this last year on car hire and it saved me around £1000.

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I know there’s debit and credit versions of Infinite (and MasterCard World Elite). However, the differences are down to what the issuer has included e.g. you aren’t going to get a concierge service on a free card.

Guessing you need to sign up to the visa infinite portal (Visa Premium | Visa) before registering with the hotels?

No. I’ve not done it in a while for hotels but I assume that it’s the same as for the car hire places so, for example, I signed up with Hertz directly and some time ago I did it with Hilton directly.

Searching for ‘Visa Infinite Hertz’ gets you:

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Worth noting that MasterCard World Elite sometimes has slightly different benefits and that the Chase card is World Elite.

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I was unable to sign up successfully so I guess that may be the one for credit cards rather than debit cards or perhaps Zing isn’t a “real” Visa Infinite card. Not sure which.

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If you check the card on https://www.binbase.com/search.html you’ll see what it really is.

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Nice. In all fairness it does day it’s a Visa Debit card with Level: Infinite.

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Could you expand on the acronyms above?