Just joined yesterday

I had the Travelex Supercard as part of the original beta and it was fab- used it in Turkey and Egypt, loved the unlimited atm withdrawals as my holidays are all about cash (local bar bills etc).

Then they started charging for atm withdrawals so I switched to Revolut who had unlimited cash usage, again used it in Turkey and Egypt last year and now they have limited their atm usage to £200pcm fee free.

I did use my supercard this week to buy my Turkish visa for 2017 @ $20 with out any charges and was going to keep it as an emergency back up to Revolut but I have since discovered and now joined -


Just had to top it up with £100 to qualify (transfered £62 back from Revolut so only spent £38 today) and they say I shall have the card by Saturday- not needed till mid June but good to get sorted now.

Looking forward to travelling to Turkey and the States this year and getting the best deal. I am sure I will be back with a few questions before I set sail.


You may struggle with Monzo’s ATM limits then. Something to keep an eye on for sure.

Welcome to the club! Used mine extensively in Australia (no cash withdrawals, all contactless) with no problems and a cracking exchange rate!


I’m looking at withdrawing up to £600 in TL over a two week period and will also use the card in the local supermarket.

Looking at the limits I’ll be able to juggle this nicely, £200 fee free on Revolut and £300 on Monzo then I am into the next calendar month and it all resets. I’ll try to make sure my account is verified as well and all should then be sweet.

Just to clarify, Monzo’s monthly ATM withdrawal limit is a rolling limit. So you if withdraw max on 25th May, you can’t withdraw again to the limit on 1st June, only on 25th June (or maybe 26th June).


Welcome, I suggest perhaps using the monzo card a few times in the UK before you go just to see how it all works. And you never know you might like it so much it becomes your ‘daily driver’


I use my Monzo Card in Turkey 3 times a year, never had a problem.
Good luck with your travels