Pre-authorisation - does it work?


I’ve been using my Monzo card exclusively over the past few months and love it.

I travel quite a lot but have been reluctant to pay for hotels using it. I remember when Revolut first came out and there were big issues with pre-authorisation and pre-paid cards getting blocked.

Is this the case with Monzo? I’ve just booked a hotel on (non-refundable, not the cancel anytime one so I guess they will debit my card at some point) using my Monzo card.

Does anyone have any experience with booking hotels on Monzo or the hotel pre-authorising your card?

I’ve put this into the Monzo category rather than Travel with Monzo as pre-authorisation isn’t just a travel topic but if any mods feel it’s better suited for that category, feel free to move it over :slight_smile: .



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you may have a problem that Monzo have a limit of £1000 for a single transaction - if there is no pre authorisation required,I got over this by paying in three separate transactions one after the other

edit - if your Hotel bill is over £1000 maybe worth contacting the hotel and ask for a couple of transactions to pay - the terms/ dates of payment / of booking are on the hotel website aren’t they ?