Best credit card concierge?

I hear good things about Amex Platinum but quality has obviously declined a lot in the last decade.

Any other decent offerings with good international representation?

HSBC Jade if you can afford it. If you’re talking about the UK market there’s nothing else like that really. Not sure it’s worth all that either.

Yeah HSBC Jade is £500,000. All interesting hadn’t heard many raves about Ten but starting to think my question should have been “what’s the best affordable credit card concierge service” instead.

Not bothered what the card looks like but unfortunately Natwest Black is currently closed and has a £100k requirement anyway.

Is the concierge service really worth it? I genuinely have zero experience as I’ve never used one but I just imagine it to be someone on the other end of the phone buying tickets for things which you could do for less.

If you want to say ‘I will have my people do it’ then yes. Otherwise…

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In 99% of instances they’ll do a worse job than you’d do yourself for 5x the price.

But there are edge cases which make it worthwhile.


I haven’t ever had much luck with them.

With which? I basically only need them to secure some mid/high-end restaurant resis usually only available to locals.

Visa Signature.

IDK if Visa Infinite is better.

I wouldn’t dream of asking them to do anything for a loved one, anything that requires critical thinking, creativity, specialist knowledge or personalisation. But for something you can succinctly and precisely spec in a two line email but requires language skills or connections you don’t have should be fine.

Monzo Concierge: A Concept.

Obviously not being completely serious, however I do remember it being rumoured (never confirmed) in previous Plus discussion alongside LoungeKeys and the like. Maybe one day. :eyes: