Loving it and now is my partner

Hi guys, if I’m in the wrong section I apologise.
I just want to say that a friend introduced me to Monzo and I now think, a few months later, why wasn’t I already using it ages ago?
We mainly used our fresh Monzo card/account on our honeymoon in South Africa and that’s when my new wife also discovered Monzo.
We where using it back and forth after adding finances periodically in many different shops and restaurants etc etc, anywhere and everywhere.
We will continue to mainly use it for trips and as a joint thing, over our joint account card, and get the great non usage fees and great exchange rate.
So easy to use it’s for anyone.
Loving it and keep it up guys.
Chat soon,


Great to hear it James! Thanks so much for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


No prob at all Simon. I’ve been telling my friends about Monzo and their getting into it rightly.

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