Zelle money transfer

The golden Standard and money transfer in US banks is ZELLE. Good morning is transferred instantly from one users account and one bank to another account holder and a completely different bank and it’s for you charge. Well this feature be integrated into Monzo Mobile Banking and online banking like it is with Chase, PNC, Bank of America, Bank of the West, efirstbank, Wells Fargo, etc?

Zelle Website

Venmo support would be great here too.


Any idea if this will happen?

They have enabled it for Venmo and Cash App so far, as far as Zelle I am not sure if that has been enabled just yet.

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You are able to use Zelle with Monzo if you download the separate Zelle app from your phone’s app store and set it up with your Monzo card number :credit_card:

Unfortunately, due to the rules of Zelle’s program - it’s unlikely we’ll be able to add Zelle directly inside the Monzo app in the near future (but we would love to if/when it’s possible)

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