Transfer funds from Monzo to my Credit Union?

Again - another US Monzo question. I transferred funds from my Credit Union to my new Monzo account to get it opened. Now I’d like to transfer some of those funds from Monzo back to my Credit Union. So far I’ve just read one post on the forums saying that said it can’t be done in the US, that you just need to spend it.

Anyone here able to do Monzo to bank transfers? Share the hack!

Edit: I see it’s on their Trello but from what I’ve read that hasn’t been updated for a while…

Monzo is supposed to support ACH debits now, so I imagine you’d just link Monzo to your credit union’s online banking and initiate an ACH pull.


You can transfer into Monzo no problem, I just can’t see how you can transfer out of Monzo to another bank.

Does your credit union’s online banking not let you do a pull? I use Discover Bank for my ACH transfers, and I can select from Discover’s online banking if I want to push money into a linked account or pull it from the other account into Discover.


Ah - gotcha! Thanks for the tip! I’m setting up bank to bank transfers between my credit union and Monzo now.

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Hey @EmmaPeel007 glad you got this sorted! As noted, for now the best way to do this is to set up transfers between Monzo and an external bank in the other bank’s app/website. On their end, you should see an option to start an “external transfer”, “ACH transfer”, or something along those lines. They’ll ask for your account and routing information, which you can find under the Account button on the home page of your Monzo app. Once you have the two accounts linked, you’ll be able to move money to and from Monzo using the other bank’s app.

We’re working hard on an integration with Plaid which should make this process a lot easier and allow you to initiate transfers to/from your external bank account from within the Monzo app. We’re hoping to launch this within the next few months so stay tuned for that!