How do I transfer money ?

How can I transfer money to someone who isn’t on Monzo in the US ?



Instant transfers? Probably want to look into Google Pay, Cash Appy, Venmo, etc.

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Paypal (with your Monzo as the payment source)?

There are no P2P transfers within the US banking system other than Check or Wire. Monzo does not do either.

You could possibly do an ACH transfer but that would require linking both accounts.

I do not believe Monzo’s custodian supports Paypal or Zelle

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Seriously? That seems rather inconvenient.

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Not between different bank systems at least; without some intermediary. I currently have Simple Bank as does my Fiancée and I can send her money instantly.


Have you gotten Paypal working? I am

I do have Paypal working, as a medium to transfer money from my linked UK bank account(s) to US residents that also have Paypal accounts (which are linked to their US checking accounts)

It does not seem to be compatible with Monzo USA

Your Monzo Account Location is set to UK in your community profile - are you Monzo UK or Monzo US?

The only thing on the US side is to have a valid checking account linked to Paypal. It could be that Monzo isn’t a recognised checking account yet (from Paypal’s point of view)?

I have multiple accounts :slight_smile:

That would be my guess, though Monzo supports ACH and has both routing and account numbers.

Have you contacted PayPal and asked them why you can’t add your account?


I have about 6 times but they keep hanging up the call :unamused:

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Does anybody know if Mozo accepts incoming domestic wires (FedWire)

I just found out they don’t, but they are working on it

If I want to make a regular transfer by ACH to pay a friend back currently I have to fill this out, or use a third party like Paypal.

It seems to me like scheduled or recurring Monzo-to-Monzo payments would have a strong use case in the US.

For example, users might get Monzo so they can automatically transfer rent to a flatmate every month.

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That might work, though most landlords want a check or cash in my experience.

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I suppose the flatmate collecting the rent could either then write a check for the full amount themselves or get Monzo to send a check on their behalf.

That only works if you have flatmates…

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Of course. There are at least a few million people in the US with flatmates though!