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The Monzo YouTube Channel seems neglected and needs some attention. I know that it is probably low priority however this content is being linked to on the front page of the Monzo website after all.

Do we still need a video regarding upgrading to a current account featured on the homepage? The how to section could do with expanding (CASS, international transfers etc) and refreshing.

Why is The Bulletin not uploaded after its broadcast on Facebook?
The about page could do with clickable links to the Monzo website, community and apps as these would also appear on the Monzo channel banner on each page.

I noticed that Starling bank has refreshed its basic content although the autoplaying video is very annoying.

Any thoughts?


Huh, Monzo have a YouTube account. :joy:


Hey Anthony!

Yep, this is all true and fair points. We deliberately shifted our Q2 focus regarding video over to Facebook with content such as The Bulletin.

Myself and @Naji are working on a plan of action for YouTube and we’re gonna look at doing something different. Re-uploading The Bulletin is a possibility, but it feels like we can do more over there. Will keep you posted!


I’m not a Facebook user, what’s The Bulletin?


It’s a twice-monthly live stream that we do on Facebook! We interview different staff members and talk about the latest Monzo news. I’ve been hosting it for the most part, but moving forward @EmilyP will co-host and we will alternate!


I’ve noticed that it can be difficult to watch The Bulletin for non Facebook users, especially on mobile browsers as you do not get the option to watch without being signed in. Can you consider uploading The Bulletin to YouTube in the short term for those missing out?


For sure - will discuss with @Naji and see what we can do here.

Since it would obviously no longer be live, would it be worth editing it before re-uploading? Adding titles, transitions, etc? Or would you want us to just mirror upload the whole thing basically?

I think just leave as is, it’s only 10 mins or so no point in wasting 30mins tiding it up tbh


Just cut any dead time at the start and post it as is. Soon know if it is worth any extra work over time with number of viewers and comments.


We deliberately shifted our Q2 focus regarding video over to Facebook

That’s a disappointment. Any reason why? YouTube supports live-streaming as well, and you can always post a link to the YT stream onto Facebook for the people there.


Or as I have posted before they could always just use this

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a series on ifttt integration would be great.

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I have so many ideas for Monzo’s YouTube. There is so much that could be done.

Agree I’ve seen quite a few people ask how to set it up so a demo/ Setup walkthrough may be nice.

I think Facebook promotes Facebook native live streams better. They play in the feed and users often get notifications saying ones started. That’s the only benefit I can see. Otherwise people may miss if being live.

What @anon72173902 has posted seems cool

Go on then. Tell us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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To be honest it’s kind of more of the same. The ‘how to Monzo’ videos were great and with the complexity of Summary I think it would be great to get one for that to reboot of the series again.

Also a day in the life of a Monzo employee, kinda what they used to do with instagram stories would be good.


We’re making lots of changes to the format of the Bulletin which you’ll see if you tune in on Monday :wink: It feels like a good time to refocus on community generated content and interactivity which were two things we hoped would play a much bigger role in the show originally.

What do you expect from a good live viewing experience, aside from good sound and image quality? Or rather, what do you expect from a good live viewing experience which you would lose when watching a recording?

I will be cleaning up and reorganising our Youtube channel over the next few days so it feels a bit more loved for first time visitors. There may be a few one offs, but In the short term, we won’t be producing any dedicated Youtube content apart from event videos and live streams.

Maybe the weekly Q & A’s could be answered live / in video format on the odd occasion just to change things up?

I think it’s nice to have the live polls etc to gauge user reaction to things. Can’t think of anything major that would be lost though.


That’s a good shout @Jackcrwhitney !

I think it makes a lot of sense to look at repuposing some of the content we’re already creating in video form - it’s the preferred medium for lots of people.

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