Monzo on YouTube

Not sure if I’m just dim or what, but I’ve just this moment spotted that Monzo have a Youtube channel, chock-full of interesting videos. A couple of issues, though:

(a) You occasionally do a live stream via Facebook - is there any way of copying that so it appears in the YT channel too? I noticed there was one yesterday evening with Simon Vans Colina, but it’s not available on the YT channel that I can see.

(b) If I want to watch at work (during lunch, not like I’m avoiding my job cough) I’m in trouble as I don’t have speakers on my office PC, nor an easily accessible phono port. I’m fine having subtitles, thankfully, but the only ones offered are the default YT auto-generated ones. Is there any plan to provide proper subtitles for your videos? This would probably be of benefit to people with hearing issues too.


I love the YouTube channel :slight_smile:

Agree, Facebook needs to port to YouTube


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