Monzo Weekly Staff Q&A

(Steve Light) #1

I’m loving the Monzo Weekly Staff Q&A sessions! Are you?

Have you considered developing these further?
** a few thoughts💡… **

  • Make a feature out of it by adding the sessions on the Monzo blog (They’re hard to navigate on the forum¹).
  • Live video Q&A sessions: As cliche as it sounds people buy from people and it’s refreshing getting to ask you guys questions!
  • There could be a link to try Monzo on the live stream, you can easily track the impact the sessions have.
  • Structure the questions a bit more so staff can share their vision for Monzo / why they decided to work there.
  • Have Q&A topics / themes. Live Q and A on budgeting etc…

¹Here’s the latest Q&A but if you end up on one of the earlier sessions you can’t navigate to the latest… Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Leah Templeman (Interim VP People)

Just my two bobs worth, please feel free to rip apart / add to :+1:t3:

(#savetheseabass) #2

I like the informal nature of the current Q&A. If topic based ones were introduced then I’m still not a fan of live streaming them, much easier to digest replies that are written

(Simon B) #3

Thanks Steve! :slight_smile:

I’m really glad you enjoy the Q&A’s - I think they’re vitally important for people to get to know the faces and thoughts behind as many people here at Monzo as possible!

I’m not sure the blog is the best place for them to live, but I agree the structure could be improved, and that’s a very good point regarding not being able to get to later ones from earlier ones. I’ll have a think about how this could be improved - what if they lived in their own subforum, and were the only threads in that sub-forum? Would that be better?

Regarding live streams - we do a twice-monthly live stream on Facebook called The Bulletin.

The Bulletin is somewhat structured like a Q&A but more of a talk about new product features and things we’re working on, with the people who are working on them. I think forum based Q&A is a great format because it gives people time to structure what they want to say.

Also - you’d be surprised how many people actually aren’t comfortable on camera and we’d hate to pressure anyone to do things like that!

I do love the idea of tracking app installs on a live stream. Although, I think that most of the people who watch them are already Monzo users. But that’s defo something we can think about!

Another idea regarding structure is that we could just have one post on the forum that contains links to all Q&A’s and episodes of The Bulletin. We could then include that link in every post, and it’d be future proof! Thoughts on that?

(Steve Light) #4

True @Rat_au_van, different people like different mediums. I was thinking that it could be written up and posted after the stream ends.


I would love an audio podcast, personally. A subforum would be great too!


I like the current structure. Some staff answer each question as a separately posted reply, others answer all questions in one big post. Each to suit their own preference. I’d gladly keep it that way, not too formal.

(Steve Light) #7

Thanks @simonb!

  1. I did not know about the bulletin, thanks for this.:+1:t3:
  2. The sub-forum sounds like a great and quick solution to the nav issue.
  3. I was thinking that too, that viewers would possibly already be customers, the budgeting session would allow non-customers to benefit regardless and try Monzo.
  4. I totally get the camera thing. I used to be really really shy. Writing does give one a chance to think about answers first. Then again… Audio is a less nerve racking option - thanks for the podcast suggestion @HoddzDJ
  5. A post linking to all the Q&A’s sounds like a good idea to me too.


Hey Simon. From someone with quite bad social anxiety you make a really great point about forcing people in front of cameras. A sub forum is a great idea! And yeah if this could be locked down so that it doesnt become flooded and only has the Q&As.

(Steve Light) #9

I hear you @anon69333708 - I’ve been there mate.

(Steve Light) #10

Do you have any ideas on what you’d like to feature on the podcast @HoddzDJ?




Just the staff member answering the questions. I feel it would be easier than reading through the thread. I’d love for there to be an audio version of the bulletin too, as you could listen to that whilst commuting.

(Eve) #13

I think a podcast would be a great idea! I’ve been listening to some of the ASOS podcasts and they chat about what has been going on in HQ, recent events they’ve done, etc. I think just having a casual laugh about would be more fun and less stressful than doing a video! Although this would probably exclude those who are hard of hearing but maybe it could be transcribed depending on how long they are :thinking: