The Bulletin 18/06/18

(Naji Esiri) #1

We’ll be streaming here from 5.30pm - tune in!


I’m glad there will be some sort of web interface. I’ll probably never use it but I’m glad it’ll be there if I need to as an emergency feature.

Still, I do hope in the future you continue to flesh it out with more functionality. Sometimes it’s nice just to be able to do your banking on a bigger screen :man_shrugging:. Really happy it’s a progressive web app too :blush:


Why are these not posted on the YouTube channel?

Seems a bit silly having different media spread across different platforms…


Will accessing the web UI log you out of all phone sessions?

(Charlie Kelly) #6

From the early screenshots, doesn’t look like it. You’ll have to authorise the web app access to your account. Will post the source if I can find it again!

(Simon B) #7

Nope. But there’s an option to chat to support from the web interface, and you can ask us to log you out of all sessions from there :grinning:

(Simon B) #8

We’re rolling with Facebook Live right now for livestreams and looking at a separate content plan for YouTube :grinning:

I fundamentally disagree that the same media should be shared across different platforms - that doesn’t play to the strengths of each platform!

(Colin Robinson) #9

Flip side of this is that those of us who will never go on Facebook might be missing out on some great content?

(Simon B) #10

I agree that’s the drawback - that can be said of any medium though, including this very forum!