Monzo videos

Can monzo incorporate YouTube video, including live stream events, directly in the app?

This begs the question, “Why?” :thinking:


The monzo app is more than a banking app. Customers are actively involved in its community forum. The video contents are another way of keeping customers informed and engaged in monzo. Personally, I scroll through the forum on the app even when not using any of the banking function at all. Therefore, having an integrated platform just keeps more information easily available on the monzo app. Doing so would also allow monzo to keep a record of comments on videos content made by real monzo customers. Of course YouTube still has a wider audience of non-monzo users and those users too are important to reach out to.

Personally I just want my app to do my banking. I don’t want videos or adverts popping up or the app becoming bloated!


Even with loads of data I still don’t watch YouTube on my phone, adding this would more than likely just make the app laggy.


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