Sharing some personal milestones with Monzo

Hi all,

I’ve been fairly vocal with my unhappiness for certain Monzo products as of late, which led me to reflecting on my experience with other sections of Monzo and sharing some personal milestones that are tied to Monzo and some positive experiences with Monzo, for a change of tact.

I recently graduated :man_student::mortar_board: from uni, having started off using Barclays for my 3 years there and slowly moving things over to Monzo. I couldn’t ditch Barclays entirely because I needed to receive international payments, but by the end of my 3 years, Monzo was my primary driver, the budgeting tools and being able to spend fee-free abroad coming in useful more than once. I paid my final tuition bill in June, just before I graduated, with Monzo:

Once I was done with uni, I immediately did a full switch over to :monzo: Monzo :monzo: :tada: :tada:

I started my (first ever! :tada: ) job and got my (first ever! :tada:) salary, paid straight into :monzo:, conveniently right in time for Monzo’s Paid Early feature.

All in all, still enjoy using Monzo on the whole and will continue to refer them to people (still need to convince the better half to go Full Monzo…). :tada: Couldn’t have chosen a better bank to share these personal milestones with. :slight_smile:

No emojis were harmed in the making of this post.


So very welcome!

I kicked off a CASS on Thursday, so got my “Full Monzo” badge to go with my actually being (almost) full in real life. Not normally a badge hunter, but gotta catch 'em all!


Thanks for sharing. It is good to remember what :mondo: are good at.


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