Better Together options missing in "Make the most of Monzo'

What happened to the rest of the options in the ‘Better Together’ section of the Make the most of your account list in the settings?

It’s like a game you can’t complete. :exploding_head:

I’m pretty sure it originally had more than 3 and I’m a sucker for completing check lists. (FULL Monzo excluded for now because I won’t shut my old bank account)

Yea it had more

Restart the phone and maybe re-install the app ? :man_shrugging:t2: Could just be an issue pulling the information from monzo’s server

Mine’s only got thee :eyes:

I’ve completed it and got the badge :thinking: wonders if there could be a difference between iOS & Android

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Yea could be, but @StokerP’s icon is missing as well :eyes:

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Yeah, I hadn’t completed all the tasks to get the badge but now the options are unavailable.


I know but @nexusmaniac has only 3 as well and he has a badge

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I didn’t explain very well. They were there originally but I hadn’t completed so I don’t have the badge. I’m guessing that @nexusmaniac had competed prior so he does. Now they aren’t available so I can’t complete.


I’ve asked the team who look after ‘Your Monzo’ :eyes:

But it looks like I’ve had more than 3 options in the past.

Not sure what’s going on here :see_no_evil:


I’ve reported this as a bug via in-app chat but it’s worth being aware that you only get most ticks from completing things with a personal (and not joint) account.


Yeah there was a bug with the new navigation and we temporarily removed a few options from Your Monzo. They’ll come back :+1:


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