Tracking Spending by Geographical Location


One of the particularly useful features that Monzo app has is categorising spending by time/venue/type, etc.

What would be particularly useful, if you could also see/group expenses by locations (e.g. city/country). I do not believe that this feature would be particularly difficult to implement, given that individual payments already show address where the payment has been made. So it’s just a matter of creating a tab for this data set on an aggregated basis. Or is it already in the app?

If so I will be very grateful if somebody could show me where to find this.

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Someone made a map on here ages ago that you link via the API and that showed by location.

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I think it works! Searching transactions for “London” however throws up a lot of online transactions marked as coming from there eg Urban Outfitters/ Aliexpress. It disappears when you press enter and search for London as a tag(?). I can’t explain this so I attached screenshots. I’m using iOS though so maybe this is different across platforms?


Ah, I see now. True - my geo results are also not very precise. But at least this is something.I did not know that you can customize search parameters.

At least, the developers should flash out clearly the search bar. So far the only way to get to it, as I understand, is to go to the page of an individual vendor, then go further to the transaction history for such vendor, then edit the search bar. not very intuitive. I did not even know you could edit text in the search bar.

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Go to the search icon on today in main feed, click button I’ve circled and you get a list of locations. Then select the one you want. Totals at the bottom

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Oh gosh I didn’t even do that :see_no_evil: didn’t know it was a function! I simply typed the location/ city/ country in. Echoing Rat’s post, you can simply access the search function on your main feed instead of that complicated way you mentioned

Edit: I have a couple of repeated cities.

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Yeah has to be exact match so capitalisation is counted as different. But you can add as many as you want to the search by pressing that location button again

That search is fantastic, it’s a pity more people don’t know


When you are still typing it searches “London” as text, and gets a match for transaction metadata which often mentions it. When you press enter to confirm the search, it turns into a location tag which doesn’t match on online transactions.

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Ooooh thank you, I knew there would be a good explanation for it just didn’t know what it was

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