Live gigs or Festivals?


Anyone got any great gigs coming up this year, or muddling it up at any festivals?

Im pretty gutted it’s Glasto Fallow year, I’d usually be there by now preparing for the weekend ahead, so just wondered anyone got any other good festivals they go to every year?

To compensate, going to see Lilly Allen, Years & Years and Florence and the Machine this year :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #2

Seeing Nine Inch Nails this Sunday at Royal Albert Hall!

Aside from that, Judith Hill just announced a bunch of UK dates. I’m helping to promote them, so obviously will be there! She’s a singer who worked with both Michael Jackson and Prince.


WOW! Just listened to ‘Cry, Cry, Cry’ and got ‘Desperation’ on - Proper good voice!! Any of her tour coming up to Manchester?

**edit - just found them she’s on at the Night & Day Café in Northern Quatre

(Jedihomer Townend) #5

Was at the Hollywood Vampires gig last night and looking forward to Demi Lovato’s rescheduled gig coming up this Monday…

(Simon B) #6

Yep - I actually suggested that venue (via my sister who lives in Manchester) amongst a few others, as her manager was struggling to find the right venue for Manchester. Sadly can’t make that show as I’m at another event, but I’ll be at the Birmingham show and maybe the London ones.

“Cry, Cry, Cry” was one of the tracks that Prince wrote/produced for her :grinning:


Now that is pretty amazing!

Yeah it’s nice part of town over there, I work over other side of the city on Deansgate now, but used to work just around the corner from there. love the NQ.

(Peter Shillito) #8

I’m going to the Hatsune Miku Expo in December, which I’m pretty excited about. Her first live concert in the UK with a live band too! :smiley:

Three days later :scream: I’m going to see Nightwish live in Manchester Arena.

Busy month…

(Tom ) #9

It pains me greatly not to be at Glastonbury right now. Absolutely sucks!


I know! I know! Im a bit bad at Glastonbury and half glamp, I rent a square of grass in Love fields by gate c, so can get power, showers and can park the car next to the tent (perfect for taking enough drink to last the entire time there, so covers cost of the pitch!!)

(Tom ) #11

I don’t judge at all. I’m too old for a dirty tent in Pennards Hill.
Camped twice, campervan once, Tipi field once, Worthy View twice.
I like Worthy View because you’re super close to the car, there’s great showers and the tents (Bell Tents) are huge and dry.

(Tony Hoyle) #12

I’ll be at emfcamp this year. Probably not as exciting as some of the others listed… but there’s always the chance of an unscheduled explosion or fire :stuck_out_tongue:

(Charlie Kelly) #13

I take photos at a few festivals every now and again. Shot for Two Door Cinema Club and Public Service Broadcasting last year. Going to deadmau5 at Printworks in November!


Always wish I was good at photography

I was really lcuky at an Adele concert, I was on the front row and filmed a 12 year old girl getting on stage to sing with her… I uploaded it before the end of the gig, and it went viral, the video ended up with it’s own “agent” so to speak, and was sold all 56 different media networks, each paid for rights to play it!! Woke up next morning to watch my own mobile phone footage being played on Good Morning Britain haha

(Lancelot Payne) #15

@Simonb Seriously enjoy can’t believe I let this one slip hopefully I’ll get a chance to see NIN live one day.


Currently at Pilton, why are you guys not here?!


3 Days Grace in Birmingham! Reliving teenage years!

(Charlie Kelly) #18

No way - I’ve seen that video! That’s super cool!

(Lancelot Payne) #19

@anon69333708 Bloody awesome band live I’m with you on the reliving the teenage years haha :smiley: can’t wrong with TDG.