Card issuer charge

(Fraser Kininmonth) #1

Probably been asked many times, but are there any plans to ditch the “You card issuer may charge you for this transaction” screen? I assumed it was a thing associated with the pre paid card but it still persists on the full account?


I suspect it’s because they’re not a member of the Link network so the ATM just doesn’t know if Monzo will charge or not? It would be nice if it could disappear.

(Allie) #3

This is completely normal for some ATMs for Visa and Mastercard transactions. Note it says may, not will.

That said, I believe Mastercard is going to ban this? At least for BIN ranges that request it.

(Harry) #4

This thread may help: Cash Machines

(Richard Cook) #5

Good news! ATMs should stop showing this message soon (some are already).