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Probably been asked many times, but are there any plans to ditch the “You card issuer may charge you for this transaction” screen? I assumed it was a thing associated with the pre paid card but it still persists on the full account?

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I suspect it’s because they’re not a member of the Link network so the ATM just doesn’t know if Monzo will charge or not? It would be nice if it could disappear.


This is completely normal for some ATMs for Visa and Mastercard transactions. Note it says may, not will.

That said, I believe Mastercard is going to ban this? At least for BIN ranges that request it.


This thread may help: Cash Machines

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Good news! ATMs should stop showing this message soon (some are already).

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I used my normal Note Machine ATM the other day and the message has gone from that :+1:

Just used a Santander machine today and the message is still there :frowning_face: I also think I may have cancelled it by mistake; no money emerged, leaving me puzzled.

Refunded immediately, though

I’ve had this in a Morrisons ATM recently. So seems its not been updated for wheoever runs Morrison atms?

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I used a NoteMachine today, nothing showed up

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