Your card issuer may charge a fee

And back on topic…

Has anyone else noticed with these warning messages that the Monzo withdrawal notification comes through BEFORE you select either yes or no for the card issuer may charge a fee prompt?

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Does that mean the machines do pre-Auth before confirmation? That’s a bit cheeky…

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I don’t know, the issue is that if I’m at a cashpoint then im gonna say yes because I want the money and know I won’t be charged so I’ve never seen what happens if you press no.

Presumably, if you say no it would cancel and refund the transaction…I’d hope

Has anyone ever said no? Any official comment on the process?

Say no transaction should decline

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Should but its already been presented in the app, the question therefore is will it refund instantly or after a few days?

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I have never done it but I would guess so, I do find it strange though that on some machines the app notification comes up before I have even agreed to it regardless if it is free or not.

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A little part of me wants to try it but also I don’t particularly want to be locked out of some of my cash for a few days

go to one of them £5 machines

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I have done this. It took nearly a week a few minutes and came up as atm refund in the app :man_shrugging:t3:

Edit: sorry it actually refunded very quickly. Was a year ago though


Pretty much every post of yours appears to me to be abrasive and inflammatory, so it doesn’t surprise me that people reply in frustration and in a similar vein to your post. People tend to mirror what they see.


I just stated facts and an opinion. The response by a leader was in breach of the terms of the community as it was a personal attack. They don’t have to like my opinions but we should be free to express our opinions rather than only be able to do so if they follow the approved line of thought. In this case it wasn’t even on a sensitive or contraversial subject, just about on screen ATM messages. End of subject.

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I deliberately avoid posting replies to your comments usually because they tend to be so rude and abrupt. It shouldn’t surprise you that sometimes people get frustrated with your barbs and jabs and ‘know it all’ attitude. I don’t wish to get dragged into the debate, but you should be aware of how your words can be interpreted and perhaps be more careful with your phrasing.


You have to allow for the fact users have different ages, nationalities, mental conditions, etc. Not all will use easy to read English, some will be more succint others more verbose, some may format well and others not. So appologies if I have difficulties expressing myself and swing between being abrupt and rambling.

I certainly never intend to be rude to individuals and respond to their post their idea not ever intending to personally attack an individual. However some users regard a dissagreement or contrary opinion to theirs as a personal slight.

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With all due respect behind a computer screen you cannot possibly know anything about the person other than the name and profile picture. I re-read every post I make at least twice before hitting reply. I’m not checking for accurate punctuation or spelling as this isn’t so important online, but checking that the tone of my message is fair and that my message is clear and cannot be misunderstood.

The onus is on the person posting to make sure they’re writing in a fair and appropriate way not on the person reading it. But like I say, it’s why I don’t regularly reply to your posts because I don’t wish to get involved.


You didn’t state any ‘facts’, you listed a bunch of banking brands and summised that because you could list more than just a couple then the number of debit cards in circulation from these brands must be significant. Perhaps you could go away and research the market share of Clydesdale and Yorkshire (in truth the same bank), Danske, Virgin, Metro, Handelsbanken and Starling – I’ll give you a clue, they’re each under 2% – then present these ‘facts’ and your subsequent opinion, rather than sniping and trolling, and running to a staff member when someone calls you out.


but you can’t check the tone of it as different people interpret the same text differently, some may think a post is lighthearted while another thinks it is serious. Some may read the post in isolation while others read it in conjection with the post it was actually replying to. In many cases I see issues where users jump on a post without looking at the thread of linked comments. Perhaps if Discourse had nested comments threads would be clearer for many people

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Are they the same, though? I don’t have my smart card reader and laptop with me right now, but if I remember correctly Monzo doesn’t have the LINK app, and Metro Bank does? Thus, is this message coming up when the MasterCard AID is selected but not the LINK AID?

If so, it’s really just a case of ‘the ATM puts the warning up for MasterCard’. I don’t actually see the issue, the bank is warning that the app (MasterCard) selected often has fees, not telling you that your bank will charge a fee.


I do agree that it isn’t always easy to follow the line of a thread and it would be easier if there was a way to track the conversation, although I’m not sure nested comments would be the way forward as it would make the flow of the topic more disjointed.

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I don’t mind people calling me out if they do so politely. Also if they had an issue over market share v number of banks they were welcome to do so and I could have seen their point. But instead I was just insulted

Where you insulted tough @anon44204028? He made a comment in jest, replying to a comment of yours that I interpreted as very dismissive and curt.
I think it’s important we remember that things that might seem funny to us might not be for our interlocutor, that doesn’t meen though that they are insults either.

As an example:

This reads as very rude and aggressive to me

And this, to me is dismissive and flippant

This reads, to me, as a fair reply to someone who as been dismissive and critic of the entire post.

You are entitled to your opinions but so are other people and there is no need for sarcasm on either side of the discussion.