“You’re spending less” notifications shouldn’t disappear once clicked. Save them as “insights” in trends

Hi fellow huMonz…(more puns welcome)

Today I had a very helpful notification on my Lock Screen. Because I’ve clicked it, it’s now disappeared so can’t screenshot. But it said:

“you’re spending less…you’ve spent 45% less than this time last month because of a drop in transport”

This was so insightful and surprising that I clicked on it, only to be met with the generic trends screen. The little insightful sentence was gone, and nowhere to be seen.

I really like having trends summed up in nice concise sentences like that. It would make a LOT of sense and would be HUGELY helpful to have them live somewhere in the app itself as opposed to only temporarily existing as notifications.
Maybe a new section in trends called “insights”. Anyone agree? :smiling_face:


There probably should be a feed of all notifications so that you can find it afterwards.

That’s been mentioned a few times in this thread…


Ah thanks! That’s useful. So is there anything similar to what I requested in labs?

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Not yet