I'm leaving Monzo

Sadly I’m leaving Monzo. I initially moved a year ago from a high street bank because of the budgeting features and instant notifications. However whilst monzo has moved forward with the flashy features of getting paid early etc, I found that the core budgeting features and summary haven’t progressed and I find them personally very confusing. There are lots of numbers and I don’t understand where it all comes from. Lots of menus, tabs, categories and I wish it was simplified. I find it’s not as clear nor intuitive as it used to be. So, I’ll be moving off but if it improves I may be back. Thanks to all of the Monzo staff in the community. Good luck.


Which bank do you find it has neat analytics or budgeting?

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NatWest and just pushed a spending analysis into its app.

Only bugbear is you can’t categorise anything until it’s cleared, which is maddening as Iits got every category wrong so far.

It may interest you to know that the team which recently designed the new navigation are moving onto improving budgeting next.

I’m not sure there’s any strong timescales yet though other than it’s in its initial phase.

I’d be interested to know what you’re going to move to which could offer you these features?

Is there a specific part of the current budgeting you don’t understand as we may be able to explain it better for you.


I believe they’re are other apps that integrate very well into Monzo that help with budgeting, like Emma and Yolt. Maybe look into those?

Sorry to see you go! :pensive: - hope to see you back soon!

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Remember to email Monzo when you want to re-open your account

I don’t think any of the budgeting features have changed :thinking:


I took that to mean generally the layout, navigation and access to budgeting features has changed. I know a lot of people like the new look but there are plenty of people on here that don’t. You can’t please everyone but for those that find the new UX confusing, there isn’t really much reason to stick around.

I think all of the fintechs need to up their game as the high-street banks are catching up quickly. Many of the USPs a year ago are now being added by most of the big players. The likes of Monzo and Starling should be looking to continually innovate, taking advantage of their non-legacy codebase to stay one step ahead of the traditional banks.


Why do you feel the need to announce this? :thinking:


It’s the new “I’m vegan”


What’s wrong with being vegan?

/thread derailment imminent klaxxon

Nothing lol, just a joke that’s been said plenty of times before on the internet :slight_smile:

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So are you saying vegans are more likely to announce leaving monzo? :thinking::smile:


Why not just not use it? You can disable the “left to spend” in the labs and the budget features are neatly placed in the corner.

For anyone who doesn’t use it, it’s easily ignored.


I don’t use it. Never have. I ignore it. All it means for me is not clicking the ‘pie chart’ button up top. Not sure how more uncluttered it can be?


There’s clearly no meat in that assumption.



Imagine if you had to do this for every place you left :rofl:

Dear Doggie, I’m leaving the house now to head to work. I might come back in the future with treats if you stop chewing things.


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