“You need to wait 15 minutes between posts in this topic”

Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 11.39.27

Is this new? I don’t recall seeing it before.

It’s a Discourse cooldown feature for hot topics to try and prevent locking due to too many flags

It goes 15 mins then 30 and 60 I think?

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It seems to be fairly new. I first noticed it here

But looking at that thread now, its an hour!



*watches some YouTube and gets interrupted by ads every 3 minutes*

Ahh, that’s better… :fuelpump::fire::fire:


I’ve stopped watching YouTube for this reason. I used to watch an hour or so every day, since stopping, I’ve come to realise that I was wasting time, in any case.


That thread still has the same 15 minute warning 3 hours later. It’s effectively locked.

It will stay on for not sure how long. You can still comment, but you need to wait 15 minutes between comments (or editing previous ones)

I can’t believe someone has reported my “flame of hate” comment.

It’s humour. Whoever you are, give it a go, you might like it. Maybe break a smile once. :roll_eyes:

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It’s gone now. Maybe because;


Won’t somebody please think of the children comedic giants of this forum?