Community Gone Crazy

(Sean) #1

Anyone else had all topics appear as notifications on 20 minutes ago?


(Andy) #2

The Monzo crew are making some changes to the forum structure and moving posts which will trigger a notification on any posts you’re watching


Did you read them all :joy:


You’re obviously just very popular.

(Sean) #5

I’m going to resurrect so many dead conversations :ghost:

(Andy) #6

Feedback & Ideas categoriee have now been merged together. Normal service has resumed!


I was wondering what was going on, I guessed that it was a forum restructure.

Bit silly that Discourse notified everyone though. Is there not a way for staff to stop that from triggering?


Are we sure that’s what caused it? I’ve started threads in those categories and didn’t have bonus notifications… :thinking:


Ditto. No notifications

(Andy) #10

Guess not then but all the notifications I got were for posts that have been moved from feedback, ideas to feedback & ideas or moved to tech & gaming. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a mystery!

(Richard Cook) #12

Our bad, sorry for the notification overload!

We just merged the Feedback and Ideas board into one. Not sure why that’s triggered notifications - but nothing to worry about.

(Sean) #13

I think it’s because of tracking first posts so these threads are considered “new”:


Ah ha, I haven’t set that up!

Mystery solved :slight_smile: