Flagging Posts

@AlanDoe recently reminded the forum of the expectations around flagging.

“The flagging system is there to try and keep Topics on track and also make sure that the Code of Conduct is being utilised as much as possible.

They get flagged, we can then decide if this is being done appropriately or not.

If it’s a situation that we see this system being misused then the individual(s) will then be given a warning in the same way as someone breaching our Code of Conduct.”

That thread has since been closed so apologies for this new one.

Is it me or are threads being spattered with unnecessary flags - seemingly aimed at posters not posts?

Instances where every post from one user is flagged irrespective of the content?

Such behaviour is demeaning to the forum and frankly makes the experience of being here an unpleasant one.

Would it not assist the forum if someone stepped up the management of flags?


I get flagged all the time. I edit, it goes back and most of the time nothing else happens.

It’s very petty. People just use it because they disagree.

However, the trolls seems to get away with far more.


I regularly find my posts being flagged out of existence. Even those where I am on topic and have not breached community guidelines.

A couple of days ago there was continual flagging on one of my early contributions to suppress a post on a topic that had been further discussed and subsequently closed (for other reasons) a few days earlier.

I can relate to that. :pensive:


See, the difference is that I edit and then the post gets flagged once again and I no longer have the ability to edit.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this activity is being coordinated amongst some secret cabal of people who wish to target the poster, not the post. :thinking:


The abuse of the flags system on this forum is worse than I’ve seen on other discourse forums to the extent that I don’t feel comfortable posting much anymore. I do feel the issue has become a lot worse in the last year or so since Monzo staff stopped being so active on the forum and have instead left it up to volunteer customers to manage which imho is unfair to everyone.

I am of the opinion that it is in Monzo’s best interests to shutter the forums and divert the funds and resources to delivering a great customer experience in app instead


But where would I come to complain about the poor customer experience then‽

I get the arguments why doing a Starling with the forum might be good. However, that would also mean less visibility of the few new features we get and even if there isn’t much engagement from Monzo themselves would make me feel more disconnected from the bank and would just move elsewhere


I think the forum can also be quite a good place for users to get help in numerous threads I could mention regarding Cifas markers , logging on problems , get paid early , IFTTT, google sheet gurus etc etc there are some very helpful / knowledgeable users here.

I dont think the forum would make me stay or move my Bank , it has been used very well by the likes of Bruno and others to get very valuable feedback for Monzo …wish they would use it more at times.


I agree. Long live the forum! :laughing:

And with that:

  • Sort out the flagging situation (perhaps by getting some more active moderators)
  • Sort out the trashy topics that are repeatedly getting created.

lol then they would be " heavy handed mods " :man_shrugging: and " the censors are out in force today "


Also need to remember if a post is getting flagged it could be because it’s not relevant to the topic or its been posted just to get a reaction off of someone, a number I’ve seen flagged when I’ve looked at all petty arguments or responses that have no relevance to the actual topic. I’m not saying that’s every flag but it’s generally the ones I’ve seen when I’ve decided to look at them

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The only way to “tidy up” false flags is to have more active moderators. Not sure where heavy handed comes into it?


Not trying to be argumentative here but what would you suggest? Should we ban every topic that isn’t about Monzo?

Everyone refers to this secret cabal of flaggers but I think there are actually multiple cabals. There are those that seem to flag anything remotely negative towards to Monzo wether is correct or not and those that flag the flaggers of those posts.

As an online community should it really matter what people come here and talk about… As is said repeatedly by Alan, if you don’t like a particular topic then don’t participate but don’t keep flagging stuff just because you (the royal you, like the royal we) don’t like it.

I completely agree that when it just descends into petty arguments someone should step in but in the natural flow of conversation things go off topic. In a lot of cases the conversation naturally comes back on topic further down.


Not at all, we have an off topic section especially for those :slightly_smiling_face: some however are so bizarre they don’t even fit in there.

perhaps as well as “the heart” we should have “the flag” with similar functions …although that would probably create a tit for tat flagger - and an " earned nice flag badge" lol

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Also if you’re flagged, so what just move on and get on with life, I’ve had a couple in my time on here but I just ignore it and carry on as normal


I had a comment yesterday that was flagged as off topic, but then couldn’t find it as it had already been deleted @Feathers before I had chance to check my comment and edit as necessary with no warning or explanation as for why, meanwhile other flagged comments were left in tact as hidden :thinking:. I had to scroll back up through the discussion to work out which comment it was.

The comment in question, I called someone’s decision in relation to the potential scenario of Monzo going bust sensible, on a topic that discussed exactly that scenario. :man_shrugging:

It’s pretty clear the flagging on that thread was being used to censor dissenting opinions that stem from genuine worry and concern about Monzo’s future, rather than to actually keep the thread on track in line with the community guidelines.


Not to get too “meta” here but maybe someone(s) at Monzo should sit down and figure out what this community is here for.

I never experience the Starling forum but there must have been a reason they didn’t keep it.

I think if Monzo looked at why the community existed and engaged with the users on that basis this might be a better place.


I think if you can get the answer from Google, then it shouldn’t be a topic. Something with a straight forward answer, you don’t need to make a thread about it.


I think its very often a very difficult and thankless task to try and keep a community from descending into an anonymous twitter fest.

I think they …the coral crew … do quite an extraordinary job of trying to moderate, knowing when they should step in, and knowing when not to must be a full-time trained job to be right every time , yep they are human to , they sometimes get it wrong … creep… creep :slight_smile:

But why?

I can get answers about Monzo’s customer service options from their website and yet people still come here to discuss it.

I go back to my previous point that Monzo need to decided what this place is here for.

If it’s here for customers to ask for help because they can’t find the answer on Google then the staff need to engage more as opposed to us telling people “sorry we’re just customers” but if it’s Monzo building a community around their product(s) then all those complaining about people discussing non Monzo stuff need to simply stop engaging with the posts they don’t like


It’s mainly because they couldn’t take criticism.

They would put out a thread saying arent we great we’ve just built X what do you think? Expecting everyone to agree and praise their efforts.

And then got a lot of why did you build that, no one needs that, why didn’t you build y instead we all asked for, Monzo has z already…

Basically it got to points where they wheeled out Anne’s account to do a look at me a CEO posting on a Sunday post to then try and respond to the criticism but completely missed the mark in her response and didn’t actually answer anything.