Order delivery

I know it is maybe a little selfish and entitled to expect this but I ordered a new laptop as mine broke from the Dell site.

I got this email from the delivery/logistics company Syncreon.

“Your Dell Order is scheduled to arrive between 08:00 and 18:00 on the 25/06/2019. Please arrange for someone to be there throughout this time - as we cannot be more specific about the time of delivery.”

Both me and the person I live with both work 8/9 till 1700 so cant be in.

I contacted them.

  1. They said they couldn’t leave it in a safe place as it was against their policy
  2. I couldn’t pick it up from anywhere as it was against their policy
  3. I can’t get it redelivered to my work address as it was against their policy
    They would try to deliver it twice, if I was not in then they would return to sender

I bought and paid for the product over 2 weeks ago so this has become a bit of a joke in terms of a delivery company

Their website and tracking info is also awful - apparently, it has been delayed due to “the weather currently in the UK” - I feel the weather has not been bad enough to warrant that kind of statement

Was more just wanting to rant than a specific response - though if anyone has any experience with Dell directly or Syncreon that would be appreciated

are you able to find out who is the delivery company ? I’ve orders from different websites before which direct you to Syncreon as the tracking website but in fact its actually another company that does the delivery (DPD, UPS, UK Mail)

So might be worth checking the tracking number and finding out which one it is, because most of those delivery companies allow you to get it re-directed.

On the note of time, I agree with you that it seems too long, had way too many issues with delivery companies in the past. Id suggest contacting dell and speak to someone higher up in regards to your delays etc

Or ask Dell for their assistance - such as authorising a different delivery address - I’m sure they won’t want the laptop returned to them.

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I have tried to contact them but havent been able to get through on their number so have sent an email.

Any suggestions how to find out who it is from the tracking number - it isnt obvious anywhere on the email or tracking page

I would definitely contact Dell. They will be able to contact the carrier and give them different delivery instructions.

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I have an app called “deliveries” that tells me what company is doing to delivery. Might be an online option if you google “delivery tracking number” etc. otherwise in the past I just copied and pasted my tracking number to the big delivery companies; Royal Mail, DPD, UPS etc

Might be worth trying that quickly

My laptop from Dell also was tracked via a random company that I can’t recall, but the actual delivery was by UKmail iirc.

The laptop is dells responsibility until it’s delivered, so don’t worry about that.

I’d suggest to wait and see what it says on the missed delivery card, you may actually be able to pick it up from a depot, also once you have the UKmail tracking number from the note call them up not Syncreon and ask for a different address.

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Worth phoning Dell and asking. UKMail will let you pick it up from their depot, DPD as well (assuming its local), or deliver elsewhere, UPS allow for alternatives as well but you have to have registered before the shipping of the package usually, and royalmail/parcelforce allow pickup as well.

Worst case, you ask dell to tell the delivery company to send to a different address. But… im not sure how good their consumer support is. there business support should normally do this at least.