Monzo Flex text wrapping UI issue

Issue: Monzo Flex - long pot title causes text to wrap weirdly

Details to reproduce: have a long pot name, then the ‘Paying From’ text in the Manage tab of Flex will wrap strangely
OS: iOS 16.1.2
Device: iPhone 13 Pro
App Version: 5.5.0 #868



I am unable to recreate on a 13 pro max on iOS 16.2 with latest Monzo version (v5.5.0 #868)

I do not have a Monzo plus/premium account, but I doubt that gradient makes a difference.

are you using any iPhone accessibility features to enlarge text? Or do you use zoomed mode?

That’s what this looks like to me, and Monzo just hasn’t made sure that part of the app complies with those accessibility features.

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Bad, Monzo - very bad Monzo :smiley:

Edit, I did not realise it is my cake day

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Happy cake day!

But no, just done some testing, it ignores the accessibility setting for larger text in that part of the app, and zoom mode has no material affect.

It’s actually the emoji that’s causing it.

So yes I can replicate the issue @joshhodgkin and I’ve voted for it.

Edit: some more testing, it’s not necessarily the emoji’s fault, it just exacerbates the problem because it takes of the space of 3 characters. The text will start wrapping once your pot name has 22 characters (spaces account for half a character).

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Huh, interesting to see. I didn;t even think to check that

I tested it myself, whacked the text all the way up (no emoji)

Seems most elements and pages do respect it

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How weird! The only difference between us is that I’m Plus and on a 14 pro.

It does! When I said that part of the doesn’t I was specifically meaning the pay from the pot box which retains the same text size regardless of your text setting.

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I’ve noticed this myself on the app but thought it was just my phone at first.

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