iOS vs Android discussion

This really isn’t necessary. We’ve had enough iOS vs Android arguments in this community & I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t find them very interesting, could we please stay on topic :raised_hands:

To be clear, Pipefish isn’t the only one who’s bought this up recently, I’m not trying to single you out :slight_smile:

If you do want to discuss this, please feel free to create a dedicated topic in #foyer


Need to chill a bit I think … Community is littered with comments from iOS users with sarcastic comments. Don’t need to get all serious about something clearly said as bit of humour


Rise above it.


Different people have different humour thresholds and this stuff tends to deteriorate quite quickly so @alexs is right, it’s probably best avoided. Please :slight_smile:


Again take it lightly and see the intention don’t stress about it these things always going to happen. You guys are leaders if you are going to suggest this on one post I would expect this to happen and pointed to every sarcastic post on iOS/Android.

Not sure we are on topic btw. Apologies.

That’s great in theory but often doesn’t happen at the moment :disappointed:

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It’s not whether it’s humorous or not, it’s just that this kind of comment clutters up threads with useless noise and often leads to pointless debates. It’s just as irritating when iOS users do it (and I’ve flagged a few of those too). These kind of comments are completely off topic, and I’d be happy to see them all removed. Anyone interested in this can start an Android vs. iOS thread in the Foyer.


Yeah, I wish they would remove all posts like the ones you describe. Or merge them into one mega-thread that I can mute. :grin:

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I am sorely tempted, believe me!

My personally favoured option of the moment is to drop them into an invisible, closed thread somewhere out of the way. They add nothing to any discussion and the impression I get is that they generally just get people’s backs up.


Apple obvs innit :man_dancing:


I never see why it is particularity useful debate…

My notepad is better than your notepad coz paper

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Well my notepad has a changeable cover and a pen holder, so there

Ngl I’ve grown so used to the ios app that it’s stopping my making the change to android :joy: Monzo is the key reason I’m staying Apple

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