Yes, I know I have a Golden Ticket

In the payments tab, I feel that the non-dismissable banner displaying my golden ticket is a bit obnoxious :slight_smile:

Just being able to swipe it away would be ace :grinning: for new monzonaughts it’ll be great for making it super obvious but I’m very aware of the golden ticket and don’t have any use for it at the moment :frowning: so seeing it everyday gets old :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would love to dismiss it!

What does everyone else think? Maybe it’s just me being weird (as always! :joy:)



Yeah scrap it, it’s annoying.


Yeah scrap it, it’s annoying


Yeah scrap it, it’s annoying


It looks like an engineer put it there as a placeholder while implementing the functionality, and no designer ever got around to doing it properly

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Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to be situated under Account rather than Payments, seeing as its purpose is to invite someone else to sign up for an Account?

Curious to know how much longer they’ll be needed at all. How many are still in the queue?

Just to add some context, I’m guessing that this feature was added to make it easier for users to find their golden tickets & therefore try to reduce the deluge of users contacting the COps, asking for them.

But I agree that there’s probably a better place for golden tickets to be stored - although it still needs to be very visible because :point_up: the question is where?


I think just dismiss-able would solve all ‘issues’ here :slight_smile:

Leave the banner where it’s currently situated, leave the click-able behavior alone but make it possible for ‘knowledgeable’ users to mute / snooze / dismiss / block it :slight_smile:

I don’t because people would forget that they dismissed it & also, struggle to find the ticket again once they wanted to give one away.


People maybe more keen to have these golden tickets if Monzo gave rewards to the tkt holder for successful distribution. Right now there is little incentive to share.

Lots & lots of people share them, it’s been a key part of Monzo’s growth. The incentive is helping others :smile:


Ok, that’s a fair point… :sweat_smile:

And not everyone will think to use the search button in their feed either :thinking: I do wonder what the solution would look like.

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You can dismiss them from your feed so the banner was added as a permanent location for them. If the banner goes we’re back to square one

It’s definitely a silly place for it right now though :grinning:

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I’m gonna sell mine on eBay now

Scrap it and get rid of the “invite contacts” bit. This is a bank not a social network.


Good point!

I have to say I find it a little overwhelming myself :sweat_smile:

I’ve asked the product team and we’ll see what the options are here :+1:



Either let me dismiss it, or find a better/less intrusive place for it :upside_down_face:

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Yup agreed, I think it ruins the look of the screen, and agree about all the invite to monzo buttons, please can it be cleaned up so only my contacts that have Monzo appear and accounts I have created :slight_smile:

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Mine is rather more irritating.


But all of the golden tickets in my feed are used…

I find it very annoying (ticket or no ticket), like a perpetual advert. I do want access to them, but somewhere not on a main screen.